NASCAR Racing 4

"NASCAR® Racing 4 puts you in the driver's seat of a 750 horsepower NASCAR® Winston Cup car that responds to your every move and leaves your heart pounding! Papyrus originated the NASCAR® sim and consistently sets the standard in racing games."

Publisher: Sierra


NHL 2002

"Rush the net in pursuit of the game-winning goal, guard the crease with your life to shut out the opposition, and watch it all from the player's point of view. In this game, you are the hero. New features include the 'Breakaway Camera,' 'EA GameStory' which recognizes and rewards outstanding performance, and 'Create-a-Player' so you can really put yourself in the game. Whether you're an intense power forward or bruising defenseman, you'll feel pure adrenaline as you take the ice -- but don't take our word for it, experience it for yourself."

Publisher: EA Sports